What strategies would you prioritize for impact?

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Last month, Clarity customers were asked how they would prioritize the following types of mission for kingdom impact over the next ten years:

  • Church planting
  • Disciple-making movements
  • Justice: ending the exploitation of the most vulnerable
  • Mercy
  • Mobilizing Christians from the southern world
  • Prayer Movements
  • Training next generation leaders
  • Unreached people groups
  • Youth: the 4/14 Window

The results are in and- though the sample was small- there are measurable differences in the results.

June poll results

More than half of respondents rated “Prayer Movements” and “Disciple-making movements” as either the number 1 or number 2 priority on the list of nine possible priorities. Some comments around these choices were:

In countless situations, regardless of culture and history, prayer is essential. I’m not personally passionate about this ministry, so I feel I have a fairly objective view on this.  I’d like to see more analysis of the role of prayer (and what type) in different nations.

Everything starts with prayer and having leaders trained and ready. Then we can mobilize and better reach the unreached as well as provide mercy.

The priority of “Training next generation leaders” deserves an honorable mention as half of the respondents rated this as the second highest in the list of priorities

Note on analysis: each option was scored from nine to one for each respondent with the top choice given a score of nine and the last choice a score of one. Overall averages were calculated based on these scores and differentiation was determined by calculating confidence limits at 95% confidence. In this survey, the averages for each of the top two choices-  “Prayer Movements” and “Disciple-making movements”- were statistically higher than the averages for all of the other options except for “Training next generation leaders”.